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KS2 (Year 3-6) Course: Mathematics, English and Science

Initial assessments are carried out to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the students so as to know what areas to focus on and reinforice in the students learning in the class.

Students are given working manuals created by our teachers and educational professionals based on the national curriculum. Most of the class work and assignments are based on this manuals

Sessions are taught 1 hour per subject. Students are welcome to attend more than 1 session weekly if they wish to reinforce their learning

Classes are taught in a maximum of 8 students. Sessions are available at our Manchester and Stockport centre. We are located located in Walkden (Manchester) town centre and Stockport town centre. So, we are easily accessible by all major transport networks.

KS3 ( Year 7-9) : Mathematics, English and Science

At Optimal Tutors, we understand the sensitivity of the foundation of secondary education as being the determinant of what evenutally happens at the GCSEs. Our Key Stage 3 Mathematics, English and Science classes are majorly designed with this in mind. Sessions are taught in small groups of maximum of 8

These sessions are highly recommended for students who need ongoing help with their SATS so as to ensure that they end up in the best class set for their GCSE.

Key Stage 3 Maths that we cover

  • Algebra
  • Shape Space and Measures
  • Numbers
  • Handling Data
  • Functional Maths

Key Stage 3 English topics we cover

  • Sentences
  • Structure and paragraphs
  • Tone and style
  • Formal and informal
  • Preparing and drafting
  • Writing to inform and explain
  • Writing to describe
  • Writing to persuade, argue and advise
  • Writing to review and comment
  • Writing to analyse
  • Creative and narrative writing

Key Stage 3 English topics we cover

  • 7A. Cells
  • 8A. Food and digestion
  • 9A. Inheritance and selection
  • 7B. Reproduction
  • 8B. Respiration
  • 9B. Fit and healthy
  • 7C. Environment and feeding relationships
  • 8C. Microbes and disease
  • 9C. Plants and photosynthesis
  • 7D. Variation and classification
  • 8D. Ecological relationships
  • 9D. Plants for food
  • 7E. Acids and alkalis
  • 8E. Atoms and elements
  • 9E. Reactions of metals and metal compounds
  • 7F. Simple chemical reactions
  • 8F. Compounds and mixtures
  • 9F. Patterns of reactivity
  • 7G. Particle model of solids, liquids and gases
  • 8G. Rocks and weathering
  • 9G. Environmental chemistry
  • 7H. Solutions
  • 8H. The rock cycle
  • 9H. Using chemistry
  • 7I. Energy resources
  • 8I. Heating and cooling
  • 9I. Energy and electricity
  • 7J. Electrical circuits
  • 8J. Magnets and electromagnets
  • 9J. Gravity and space
  • 7K. Forces and their effects
  • 8K. Light
  • 9K. Speeding up
  • 7L. The solar system and beyond
  • 8L. Sound and hearing
  • 9L. Pressure and moments

KS4/GCSE (Year 10-11) Maths, English and Science

We are the GCSE experts at Optimal Tutors. Our small group sizes of a maximum of 8 students ensures that no matter the exam board ( AQA, OCR, EDEXCEL or WJEC) a student is working with in school, our teachers can provide a personalized learning plan for each student within the group.

Our small group sessions at our Manchester and Stockport centre explores all aspects of the national curriculum/exam boad specification for Maths, English and Science.

Students who wish to study other GCSE subjects other Mathematics, English and Science with us, can only take that as private tuition sesssions payable at private tuition rate.