Our daughter enjoyed Physics and thought she understood it until the results of her January exams arrived "D" ! . Having approached her college tutor for help which was not forth coming, we sought a PRIVATE TUTOR. Fortunately we found Optimal Tutors. After a 2 hour trial,our daughter's confidence and enthusiasm soared and everything became clear. She continued 2 hour sessions per week(but would have very happily done more )until the June exams and achieved an A*. She has now achieved more than was expected and will begin her Geophysics University course at the University of York .Thank you Optimal Tutors for giving her back her confidence and enthusiasm for the next chapter of her life.

- Stephen Ryan, Eccles, Manchester

Optimal Tutors has been great in the tutoring my daughter in Chemistry. The tutor immediately made her feel at ease and very quickly ascertained the root cause of the areas she was struggling with. He made sure she had a clear understanding of the basics before moving on to complex areas. I would like to thank Optimal Tutors for this support and have no hesitation in recommending them.

- Vicky, Altrincham

Good communication and knowledge displayed by the tutor , very helpful on topics and flexible. I will continue to use Optimal Tutors for extra coaching for my daughter. (A-Level Physics)

- Naseem, Bolton

After struggling with Physics A-Level, I sought help from Optimal Tutors. I found that Peter had many methods to explaining topics and his deep knowledge on the subject was exceptional. The lessons were relaxed and I felt comfortable to ask Peter any questions. Concepts I had originally found difficult became clear, I would highly recommend Peter and his team at Optimal Tutors.

- Jane, Altrincham

The tutor from Optimal Tutors was quick to pickup the gaps in my sons knowledge of AS Chemistry and Math and addressed all the issues one by one. His teaching style is brilliant. My son is much more confident now. Thanks to Optimal Tutors.

- Naveed, Cheadle

The tutor from Optimal Tutors explains things very well. I would highly recommend him. I was struggling with the understanding of chemistry, with his enthusiasm, he has helped me with my understanding and my enjoyment of the subject. He is very flexible with his times. Great tutor! And a really friendly guy.

- Ayesha Chorlton

My A-Level Maths Crash Course was very good,we did a full day of revision! The course was well targeted on weaker areas and the tutor went over each and every topic.

- Ayesha Chorlton

The Chemistry Unit 1 and 2 Crash Courses gave me an in-depth and detailed look at my weaknesses. The courses have prepared me for my exams alot more.

- Ayesha Chorlton

The crash course was great! It covered any problems or lack of knowledge I had! (A-Level Economics)

- Oaiss, Altrincham Grammar School for Boys

The tutor was fantastic! I came away from the day with alot more confidence in my maths ability.

- Katie , Stockport College

I found the GCSE Science Crash Course really useful and we could choose what we wanted to cover. The teacher was very good and friendly.

- Pip

Optimal Tutors were very good. The tutors really helped me understand the course and get to grips with the subject. (Further Maths 1 and 2).

- Seamus, St. Bedes College

The GCSE Science were very useful as I went over specific topics I struggle with. I also did past papers and looked through the mark scheme so I know how my paper will be marked. I was given useful websites and youtube links so that I can further revise at home.

- Charlotte, Walkden High School

Very helpful, I was able to see what I struggled with and correct myself and learn techniques to help me in the exam

- Ruchika

The AS Physics tuition was great and it actually achieved in making Physics interesting for me. It helped me to understand the syllabus and how to approach exam questions.

- Edward, Manchester Grammar School

The GCSE Chemistry tuition was really beneficial and I learn't loads of things that I didn't know before. I am much more confident now.

- Maaz, Jamiah Institute

Physics Unit 1 tuition helped me to revise and recall topics for my mock exam. The tutor helped me understand what I was stuck on and now I feel happy to sit the exam.

- Adeeb, Oldham, Hulme

The tuition was very good. The tutor was a gentleman and great teacher would be an asset to any school.

- Abbie, Phillips High

From the revision course I learnt some useful exam techniques and now I feel more confident in tackling the harder questions.

- Haroon, Rochdale Sixth Form College

My Electronics tutor went over everything and now I understand much more than I did. The tuition filled gaps in my knowledge and given me the chance to pass which I previously couldn't.

- Joe, Sir John Deanes College

The tutor was very knowledgeable and a friendly person who explained things very well

- Katie, Stockport College

My A-Level Maths C4 Crash Course covered every topic in detail. I am much more confident with Maths now.

- Stephen Ryan, Eccles, Manchester

The A-Level Business Studies Tuition was really helpful. It increased my knowledge on parts of the subject whilst strenghtening it in other parts. I am more confident to go into the exam now.

- Joe, Sir John Deanes College

Very helpful, i was able to sort out any issues i had with the subject

- Ruchika

The tutor was a really nice guy and related to myself very well. He is obviously a very clever guy and also a great teacher. He was able to explain things in a way I could understand physics. Without him I can't imagine how I would have been able to have carried on doing Physics for AS level as he was ready to give up before the tutor came along. He was very reliable and we would definitely recommend him.Very professional and well organised.Vey reliable and easy to deal and communicate with.

- Conor


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