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Imagine being able to cover the whole of a GCSE Subject and A-Level unit specification in one day and have your exam performance considerably improved because of it.

Yes, that magic is what we have been able to achieve at Examcrashcourses over the years. We have found out over the years that students perform better when they are given a complete overview of the syllabus as this allows them to be able to connect different parts into a whole.

Camisha, one of our recent crash coursers from Bolton told us she learnt and understood in one day more than a whole term in school. This is not just a one off feedback. It is what we hear everyday.

What we offer is a revision course that goes right through the whole syllabus with exam practice and techniques being the focus. You are given online access to our system that also ensures that you continue to learn even after the crash course dates are over.

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I learnt and understood a lot in one day than a whole term in school

- Camisha, Bolton

Joe was very unsure of his dream of becoming a medical doctor was ever going to come to pass as he was struggling with his sciences. He came to us last year with those doubts, Joe attended our revision crash course sessions. His results below speak for themselves.

Biology - A*

Chemistry - A

Maths - A

Physics A

- St. Georges Medical School, Joseph Brooks