Primary Tuition  

Primary Tuition

During sessions, we aim to ensure that your child is confident with English and Maths by starting teaching the basics and building the students' confidence which will ensure a high grade. It is important in these subjects for the students to understand thoroughly what they have learnt and we check this by providing homework and tasks for the student so we can understand if any areas have been misunderstood and for learning consistency.

For our primary students our teaching is based on UK National Strategies in Numeracy and Literacy framework.

The topics we cover in Primary Level Maths include:

- Number Operation

- Fractions and Percentages

- Decimals, Areas of Shapes

- Space and Data

- Using and Applying Mathematic

The topics we cover in Primary Level English include:

- Understanding Reading

- Understanding Grammer

- Punctuation

- Spelling

- Language Structure

- Verbal Reasoning

- Speaking

- Listening

- Non Verbal Reasoning.

Our Primary Tuiton costs from as little as £20.00 per hour and can be offered at any time with our qualified and experienced tutors