Manchester Stockport Tuition Centre  

Welcome to The Stockport Tuition Centre

The Stockport Tuition Centre offers first class education. The student are allowed to directly engage highly qualified teachers both in questions and answers. We tailor lessons to suit your child’s learning needs and goals. With focused lessons and class sizes rarely more than eight, your child will have the attention of the best tutors in an excellent working environment.

With suitable learning objectives, we keep our pupils engaged; developing concentration, understanding and clarity in their subject. Pupils develop a passion for their subjects and learn the skills to become independent learners. Being taught how to apply subject specific knowledge and exam techniques help maximise chances of a pupil’s success in exams and beyond.

Through working on both fundamentals and advanced learning, we help students go beyond the textbook and build a solid foundation in key skills such as logical thinking and problem solving. We take a step by step approach to making sure we help your child reach his/her potential.

We offer an effective and innovative approach to learning. We are specialists in the teaching of English, Mathematics and Science at all levels – through the Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, SATs & GCSEs requirements of primary and secondary school through to A levels, and Post 16 GCSE English, Maths and Science courses. Lessons are based on a simple method: teach the way that the student will learn. All our methods and approaches to learning are based on traditional teaching methods combined with the latest findings from educational psychology. We choose these ‘hands on’ traditional methods over computer based learning software because we feel it adds more value to your child education and doesn’t restrict them to a computer. Of central importance to our approach at the Optimal Tuition Centres is in the establishment of a meaningful rapport with all our students, both young and old. We seek to create a unique setting where children can learn in a relaxed almost family environment. Our tutors are always available should you wish to discuss your child’s learning programme/progress.

Our classes are centred upon the national curriculum. The students are supported in their school studies and encouraged to develop specific interests. Classes are suitable for students of all abilities, not just those who need help with school work. In addition to encouraging academic excellence, we also instil a sense of confidence and ambition in all our students. Our tailored interactive sessions always prove a hit with our children. Our much researched ‘recipe for tutoring’ means your child will complete four interactive tasks in one session. Parents and prospective students are invited to visit our tuition centres to discuss the educational opportunities we can offer. Please contact the Centre to arrange an appointment. Our centre is modern, advanced and a focused learning environment to ensure your child makes the most of their tuition experience!