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Board Adviser

Jeff is a chartered educational psychologist with specialism in the area of dealing with learners with learning difficulties.

He is one of the foremost educational psychologists in the UK and has pioneered ground breaking research in this area. He is an asset to Optimal Tutors as he sits on the board on an adversorial role.


Director of Studies

Peter is the director of Studies at OptimalTutors. He holds a postgraduate degree from the University of Manchester. He is a doctoral researcher in the field of education at the centre for lifelong learning at the university of Liverpool with particular interest in how students learn.

He can teach virtually whole syllabi without any reference textbook or materials as evidence of how well he is aquainted with them. He has have over 17 years experience in tutoring and has deep knowledge of all specifications such as AQA, OCR, EDEXCEL, WJEC, CIE, IB.


Chief Strategic Officer

Bukola is our seasoned chief strategic officer with over 9 years of experience in educational managament.

She is a qualified medical doctor with a masters degree in Healthcare Management (University of Manchester) and certification in policy making (University of Michigan)

Her numerous field experiences and keen insight makes her an asset to Optimal Tutors. She is obsessed with client satisfaction and provides inspirational leadership to the organisation as a whole.


Facility Manager.

Joe is our Facility Manager at Optimal Tutors.

Joe always ensures that our various educational centres in differents parts of the UK provide the most suitable learning environment for students as well as a great teaching environment for our tutors.

He is well focused that our facilities strictly adhere to health and safety regulations while at the same time involving himself in maintaining our infrastructures.


Manchester Centre Administrator


Oldham Centre Executive Administrator

Shemina has over 23 years in administration and management. She has also been a College ESOL lecturer herself in the past.

She has worked in administration in various colleges and academies over the years. She runs the Oldham centre and continually seek for ways of ensuring that learners within Oldham, Royton, Rochdale, Ashton-u-lyne and its environ make substantial progress in their academic endeavours.


Stockport Centre Administrator