About Us  

Optimal Tutors is a great learning hub for emerging intellectuals. We have over 17 years of experience in providing excellent tutoring services for KS2/3, 11+ entrance exam, GCSEs, A-levels and Degree tuition for students in Manchester, Bolton, Stockport, Oldham, Rochdale, Wigan and within the Greater Manchester as a whole.

We also cover Lancashire, Yorkshire, West Midlands and some other parts of the UK.

We pride ourselves in exceeding predicted grades and helping students achieve grades beyond their wildest dreams. Our tuition services is customised and personalised to suit individual student need, pace and ability.

Our uniqueness lies in our wealth of experience, passion and thorough understanding of examination specifications, student psychology and difficulties and parents high expectation.

We provide pocket-friendly tutoring at homes, centre and group settings. We are efficient in arranging tuition within short notice with our verified team of experts and examiners. We do the teaching, while our results, testimonials and feedbacks speak for us.

We are not a tuition agency that send run-of-the-mill tutors to your home to waste your time and money. We are a fully equipped learning and tuition centre with the added advantage of organising sessions in the comfort of your home. We provide quality online and Skype sessions. Our digital tutoring is so effective and indistinguishable from our offline presence.

We conduct interviews, free initial assessments, end-of-session assessments with assignments and recommendations. Optionally students subscribe to periodic tests, and mock examinations. We are not just any other team of tutors. We are the Optimal Tutors.