A Level One Year Intensive Course  

A-Level 1 Year Intensive Course

Our most varied category - self-contained courses for students who have previous experience of sixth-form work. They cover the whole AS/A2 syllabus in one year and are run entirely separately from the second year of our two-year A level course.

One-year courses are designed for:

- Year 13 transfer students from other schools who are able to complete in one further year but only by preparing for and sitting all AS and A2 units.

- Retake students whose previous grade in the subject is to weak to risk a short course or a course involving only a limited selection of units.

- Retake students taking a brand new subject to widen UCAS options, give fresh motivation and avoid 'retake status' in at least one subject (making them more attractive to universities).

- Mature students - especially all those converting to Medicine following an Arts-based first degree.

Students on one-year A level courses at MPW typically have previous experience of sixth-form work, or equivalent, but may well be taking one or more fresh subjects from scratch. We provide comprehensive advice at interview on the fit between various subject options and the rest of a student’s academic profile and university aspirations.

One-year course structure

Students may choose from the list of 10 A level subjects on offer and, as with all Prestige College courses, may study any subject alongside any other over any course duration. One-year courses are often taken in association with either longer or shorter courses depending on the student profile.

The courses are self-contained, covering the whole of both the AS and A2 syllabuses and are both more intensive as well as being run entirely separately from the second year of our two-year programme. Students should be prepared for a demanding workload in which the pace of syllabus coverage is faster, the homework volumes greater and the supervised exam practice sessions more frequent.

Prestige College offers the following A-levels:

  • - Biology
  • - Business Studies
  • - Chemistry
  • - Economics
  • - English Language
  • - English Literature
  • - Mathematics and Further Mathematics
  • - Physics
  • - Psychology
  • - Sociology

International students will often wish to take a course in English as an Additional Language (taken when students have an IELTS score below 5.5. or their target University Offer)

If another subject that is not listed here appeals to you, please contact us for further advice. We will try to meet the subject ambitions of an independent student where we can.

We are more than happy to discuss subject requirements and their suitability for chosen careers with you. Please contact the College on 0161 790 6235 or email us at info@prestigecollege.co.uk and we will endeavour to help you.